Budget 2014 – Full summary


Hi Everyone, We just want to sum up Malaysia Budget 2014, so check out the listing below. It is a very long list and we try our best to shortlist it. 1.Education : RM250 1Malaysia Book voucher Program available for each student . 2.Education : Bantuan Persekolahan of RM100 Continues. 3.Education :RM450 million to maintaining and improving old schools – SK, SJK (c), SJK (T), MARA, Sekolah Agama included. 4.Education: RM6million research grants for public … [Read more...]

Malaysia Budget 2014- Property Sector


Malaysia Budget 2014 25th October 2013 Part – 3 Hello Everyone, We are waiting for announcement on property sector and we know you are anxious too. I’m shivering here while written this Budget 2014 for the property sector. You want to know the announcement? It is good? Or bad? We will let you judge it. So, let’s go. The government had review the Real Property Gains Tax ( RPGT). During the tabling of the Budget 2014, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak … [Read more...]

Malaysia Budget 2014 – Education Sector


 Budget 2014 25th October 2013 Part - 2 Hi Everyone, Our Prime Minister continue his Budget 2014 announcement with a little sweet goodies. It is a good news to the Education Sector. All school students to continue receiving RM100 aid and RM250 book voucher! Is this good ? It’s not good, it’s GREAT right? Thumbs up to our Prime Minister ^.^ It is good to have a leader that supporting the education sector today, because the children now will be our next generation … [Read more...]

Malaysia Budget 2014


Malaysia Budget 2014 Dated : 25th October 2013 Hello Malaysian, Are you feeling the excitement about our Malaysia Budget 2014 ? I do feel it so much and looking forward for many goodies from our Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. While I’m writing this, he is tabling the Budget 2014. The Budget started around 4pm. So, what you looking for in this budget? Do you want higher amount of BR1M? More cooling measures for the property market? Increase … [Read more...]