1) Who is MalaysiaHousingLoan?

Answer: MalaysiaHousingLoan is an independent website that is free for use who provides housing loan consultation for free especially on home loan. We simplify the process which allows our customers to access to the options available in the market and understand their borrowing eligibility before applying for a loan.

2) How could MalaysiaHousingLoan assist me?

Answer: We offer free housing loan consultation that makes you easy to understand in order to apply for a home loan. We always provide Practical Advices and Smart Tips. You can choose a few banks to apply and we help narrow down the best and suitable offer for you.

3) Any documents needed to use MalaysiaHousingLoan service?
Answer: Initially No. To understand better on your needs, we only require basic information. Please go to www.malaysiahousingloan.com/contact-us/ .
Any subsequent paperworks may be required should you wish to proceed further with applying a home loan.

4) What does MalaysiaHousingLoan provide?
Answer :Information and Learning centre about Home loan. From our website, you’re sure discover some useful information about home loan in Malaysia. We cover articles to real-life scenarios and bank guidelines that help to shed some light.

We also provide Home Loan consultation & application service. With a single platform, you’re able to access to most of the financial lenders when come to Home Loan without the hassle of going to the bank in person. Yes, we’re open 24/7!

5) What happen after submitting an application via MalaysiaHousingLoan?
Answer : You can expect an email and a phone call from us. To prevent online dishonest activities, it’s our company policy to make initial contact through the phone or email. Through the conversation, we will ask some basic information in order to expedite the enquiry or application process with the appropriate banks. From there you can decide whether to deal with the banks directly.

6) Why use MalaysiaHousingLoan?
Answer : MalaysiaHousingLoan website have been around for more than 4 years and our consultant have 10 or more years experiences in Home Loan. When come to Home Loan, we provide you with experienced & sound knowledge about the product in order for you to make better decision. Most of the time, you can expect better rates and terms offer from different banks.

7) What types of loan do you cover?
Answer : We are covering home loan consultation services. Our loan services covering these type of property :

Residential property mortgages for both purchase and refinancing including:
• Housing loan or home loan
• Bungalow lot
• Loans for serviced apartments, SoHo, SoVo and SoHo

8) Does MalaysiaHousingLoan offer the interest rate on behalf?
Answer: We solely work within the policies set up by the banks. In another words, all interest rates and information shall be considered final until an agreement is sealed between you and the bank. However, we can help you to negotiate some good interest rates with the banks.

9) I’m not applying for loan now. Can you keep me update for any good deal?
A: You’re welcome to email us to malaysiahousingloandotnet@gmail.com. Anytime should you wanted to receive update from us about latest offer, good deal or latest news. Alternatively, you can find us here.

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