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David Yap is the co-founder of Malaysia Housing Loan. He has wide experience in mortgage and financial industry.

5 Cara Bijak Untuk Refinance Rumah 2023

Refinance Rumah 2023 Sekiranya anda membuat pertimbangkan untuk Refinance Rumah bagi mendapatkan duit tambahan bagi menyelesaikan pinjaman peribadi, kredit kad, pengubahansuaian rumah atau untuk bantuan perubatan dan sebagainya. Refinance Rumah: Apakah Ia Dan Mengapa Anda Perlukannya Bacalah Artikel "5 cara bijak untuk refinance rumah 2023." Mungkin ramai yang ingin refinance rumah tetapi tidak tahu [...]

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Refinance Rumah 2023

Refinance Rumah 2021 Hi, Apa khabar semua? Harapp semua dalam keadaan yang sangat sihat! Ok, ini kali pertama Melissa menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Kali terakhir menulis masa zaman sekolah-sekolah dulu. Boleh kira bagus jugak masa tu… Tapi sekarang banyak dah bagi balik cikgu. Kami sedar sekarang kena tulis dalam Dwi Bahasa. Sebab nak rakan-rakan diluar [...]

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Do you think you can survive increase of cost of living? 2023

Hey guys, It’s been a while since i been talking to you guys. And I feel like I should do some post here to update on recent property market woes and what happening recently. As you know, bank Negara still maintain OPR (Over Night Policy rate), its mean our BLR still remain the same. [...]

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Why Do I Need Refinancing? 2023

Many people refinance for many reasons, I will share the common reasons why people refinance their property. 1) Expensive Interest Rates We can presume every year, housing loan interest rate become lower and lower because of the competitive market. If you have the existing housing loan for a long time and never adjusted your [...]

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Calling All House owner To Refinance Now!! 2023

Want to lower your home loan interest? Seek an overseas education for the kids? Wife wants a holiday? Seek greater liquidity? Refinancing is a simple method of not only lowering your monthly repayments but also a great way of unlocking cash trapped within your home equity ( value of your house less the loan [...]

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Other Refinancing Fees To Highlight 2023

1) Penalty Fees or Any Processing Fees Imposed By Existing Bank Before proceed for refinancing, we always advice our customer to check for penalty charges and any processing fees imposed by existing bank. Whether is your loan still within bonding period? If it’s still bonding period, customer should make decision whether to proceed or [...]

Refinancing Your Mortgage 2023

Your How to Guide to Refinancing your Mortgage 2023 1.REVIEW YOUR REFINANCING OPTIONS You may want to add that new kitchen you’ve been dreaming about, take a special vacation or even take care of your outstanding debt. To help you get there, you may want to refinance your house. Anyway, with the property price gone [...]

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How do I know if I can get a housing loan? 2023

To get an approval from bank, you first must understand the bank’s standard approval criteria. Generally, bank will look at following criteria.   1) Borrower employment background Bank will prefer if customer working in Multi National Company (MNC) and working for more than 2 years. It’s show stability in employment and income. However, it [...]


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