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3 Types Of Property I Will Avoid Buying (For Secondary / Sub sales Market) 2023

Hey guys, Welcome back to the Malaysia Housing Loan channel. My name is Melissa. Today I'm going to share with you three types of property that I usually avoid buying. I know that buying a property can be stressful; it takes a lot of research; it takes a lot of energy and time [...]

3 Types of Property To Be Avoided In 2023

As predicted by many financial economist, Malaysia economy in year 2023 will be facing lots of challenges. With that being said, our property market cannot run away from the slow downturn. However, some people look at this moment as an opportunity to purchase a lower price property. When supply of property higher than demand, [...]

The Difference Between Master title, Individual Title and Strata Title 2023

Are you confuse between Master Title, Individual Title, and Strata Title? Before buying a house, it's essential to know the house is under Master or Individual/Strata title. There will be complication or risk to consider when buying a property that still under Master Title. Master title property will have more risk compared to the [...]

3 Reasons why you should choose zero moving cost 2023

( When buying a house or refinance your home) If you read my earlier article "How Much You Need To Buy A House In Malaysia?", You'll understand that buying a house will cost a lot. Based on the article, you will need about 17% of purchase price to cover all the costs. However, if [...]

Is there a big difference to buy a leasehold and freehold property? 2023

Is there a big difference to buy a leasehold and freehold property? The obvious answer is always, Yes! Most times, when a Property Agent or Developer trying to sell a leasehold house to a customer, they will say, " nolah... not much difference. Leasehold and freehold same also.No need to worry, you will not [...]

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying A House 2023

Buying a house is a decision that you need to make a great deal sense and prudence. For all the Malaysians who are considering buying a house, here are Top 10 Tips To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying A House. 1. When buying a completed or subsale house, deal directly with registered property agent [...]

How do I know if I can get a housing loan? 2023

To get an approval from bank, you first must understand the bank’s standard approval criteria. Generally, bank will look at following criteria.   1) Borrower employment background Bank will prefer if customer working in Multi National Company (MNC) and working for more than 2 years. It’s show stability in employment and income. However, it [...]

How Much Is Lawyer Fees When Buying A House In Malaysia? – Legal Fees Malaysia 2023

One day, I was having a conversation with our associate lawyer. What interesting in the conversation was, she mentioned that some client was unaware that they were required to pay two types of legal fees when buying a house. On that note, I think it's quite essential for me to highlight it here. When [...]

Stamp Duty Exemption For The Year 2023

If you are looking to buy a house in 2023 and this is your first house, you should know there is a new stamp duty exemption coming your way. Read this article. The Budget 2021 was approved, and it has included a list of National Budgetary requests in that Budget, including a new stamp [...]

How To Check Property Current Market Value Online?

Hey guys, Today, MHL stumbled upon a wonderful website that provides the estimation of your current property value. And I think you are going to like it! If you are wondering how much your property value is or you decided to buy a house and not sure whether the property is worth as [...]

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