Budget 2021: Stamp Duty Exemption 2021 And Other Benefits

Budget 2021 under the property segment focuses more on homeownership for first-time house buyers by giving Stamp Duty exemption up to maximum RM9000 and RM2500 stamp duty for transfer and loan agreement instrument. Finance Minister Tengku Dato' Sri Zafrul tabled Budget 2021 or the Supply Bill 2021 on Friday, 6th November 2020. It was [...]

Budget 2020 Malaysia Property & Real Estate Highlights

Our Finance Minister announced Budget 2020 Malaysia today, and it's quite a comprehensive Budget 2020 that I think will make lots of us very happy. It is a reasonable budget for 2020. It covers a few critical subjects like the move to abolish tolls by stages, Bantuan Sara Hidup ( BSH ) to a [...]

Budget 2020 Malaysia: What Is Your Expectation?

It's that time of the year again where our Finance Minister will announce the new Budget 2020 Malaysia. The new Budget 2020 Malaysia will be announced on 11th October 2019, Friday. It's going to be the second time the new Pakatan Harapan government table their Budget. Budget 2019 theme is Credible Malaysia, Dynamic Economic, [...]

Budget 2019 : Property And Housing Summary

Budget 2019 has been carefully crafted to balance fiscal discipline and growth. The government commitment in addressing the need for affordable homes, for example, the special RM1bil fund by Bank Negara which can be accessed by purchasers of homes below RM150,000. The mortgage guarantee for buyers with a household income of up to RM5,000 [...]

Budget 2017 : 5 Important Highlights For Housing Sector ( You don’t want to miss this! )

1. Build around 10,000 houses in urban areas for rental to eligible youths with permanent jobs, including young graduates entering labor market for a maximum period of 5 years. 2.The rate of stamp duty on property transfers worth more than RM1 million, will be increased from 3% to 4% but effective only [...]

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Budget 2017: Everything You Need To Know About Incentives For Housing Sector

Budget 2017 went smoothly on 21st October 2016, Friday. The announcement made by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at Parliament showed that Budget 2017 still very rakyat-friendly budget, which is good for most of us. There was a long list of incentives from Budget 2017, but today we're going to look at the [...]

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Tinjauan Bajet 2017

Berdasarkan Tinjauan Bajet 2017 daripada laman web Perdana Menteri telah mendedahkan bahawa tiga keutamaan topik yang menjadi kebimbangan rakyat malaysia ialah :- 1. Kos Sara Hidup- 26% 2. Perumahan Dan Kehidupan Bandar - 13% 3. Perkhidmatan Penjagaan Kesihatan - 8% Diikuti oleh:- 4. Pendidikan - 6% 5. Pembangunan Ekonomi - 5% 6. Keselamatan Awam [...]

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Malaysia Budget 2016 : Important Highlights

Housing: 1.RM1.6bil is allocated for the construction of 175,000 units of PR1MA homes. 10,000 units are expected to be completed next year. 2.RM40mil to revive abandoned housing projects. 3.RM150mil to refurbish 11,000 houses in rural areas 4.RM155mil to repair low-cost public houses 5.RM200mil to build 10,000 unit Rumah Mesra Rakyat 6. RM863mil to build 22,300 [...]

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Malaysia Budget 2015 Highlights

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Income Tax: 1. Income tax rates to be cut by one to three percentage points. Families with monthly income of less than RM4,000 will not have to pay tax 2. Income tax rates to be cut by one to three percentage points 3. Families with monthly income of less than RM4,000 will not have to [...]

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Budget 2014 – Full summary

Hi Everyone, We just want to sum up Malaysia Budget 2014, so check out the listing below. It is a very long list and we try our best to shortlist it. 1.Education : RM250 1Malaysia Book voucher Program available for each student . 2.Education : Bantuan Persekolahan of RM100 Continues. 3.Education :RM450 million to maintaining [...]

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