My First Home Scheme

My First Home Scheme

How To Calculate Stamp Duty – Stamp Duty Waiver For First-Time House Buyer 2023

Lots of people talking about buying a house. But, one thing a home buyer should know is how much the stamp duty will cost when buying a new house. Today, we're going to share the simple calculation of stamp duty and also the stamp duty waiver for first-time house buyer. HOW TO CALCULATE STAMP [...]

How Much You Need To Buy A Completed Or Sub Sales House? 2023

When comes to the purchase of a completed property, you'll need to aware of the cost occur. Completed property or Subsale properties are among the best investment right now. If you look hard enough, you might find a good deal in this market. Despite the attractive return, buying a subsale property require lots of [...]

Beli Rumah Atau Sewa Rumah? 2023

Beli Rumah Atau Sewa Rumah? Sejak akhir-akhir ini begitu banyak perdebatan mengenai pembelian rumah dan harga rumah. Memang semua sudah tahu bahawa harga rumah sekarang agak mahal dan mungkin tidak mampu untuk dimiliki oleh sesetengah orang. Walaupun harga rumah agak tinggi dan bayaran bulanan rumah agak membebankan, kita tetap perlukan sebuah rumah. Andai kata [...]

The difference between CCRIS & CTOS?

The difference between CCRIS and CTOS report is the information provided by both reports. CCRIS report has limited information provided and limited to all the loans provided by the banks in Malaysia. The CTOS report has a more comprehensive range of information that includes all the information in CCRIS, some other telecommunication companies, water [...]

Benefit For First Time Home Buyer | Buying 1st home | Malaysia Housing Loan

Benefit For First Time Home Buyer Hey, are you young, just graduate or working for a few years but have that strong urge to buy a new house like your friend David, Mohd or even Siti? Well, if you are exploring of buying that one house so that you can be like your friends [...]

Home Loan Question & Answer

Home Loan Question & AnswerClient Question :Hi,I would like to know if I’m buying auction house did I still can get the exemption for stamp duty?MHL Answer:Hi, Thanks for your question and it is an excellent question.If you're a first-time house buyer and buying an auction property, the answer is No.The exemption only applies to [...]

Tips For Appointing SPA Lawyer – Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

When purchasing a house in Malaysia, purchaser requires appointing a Sale & Purchase (SPA) Lawyer to represent them. A good SPA lawyer is crucial in this situation because the moment you start buying a house, and if you're not careful, you might fall into a deep hole that orchestrates by the property agent, seller, [...]

Freehold vs Leasehold, which is better?

When it comes to buying a house, somehow we need to decide whether to buy a Freehold or Leasehold house. Freehold is better, they say. It doesn't matter, some say. So which one is true? But the truth is, there is no direct answer to this. I want to say, FREEHOLD house is more [...]

19 panduan penting miliki hartanah mengelak tertipu

Golongan muda sekarang sangat teruja untuk memiliki hartanah. Namun dewasa ini, semua pihak perlu lebih banyak berhati-hati. Penipuan wujud di mana-mana sahaja. Mereka me­nunggu orang yang kurang ilmu untuk dijerat. Pelbagai jenis penipuan melalui hartanah telah dilaporkan. Ini sangat menggusarkan, apatah lagi seolah-olah tiada tindakan pihak berkuasa. Saya kongsikan panduan membeli rumah kepada golongan [...]

Don’t apply for a Home Loan until you read this! Home Loan Debt Service Ratio (DSR)

Everything you need to know about Debt Service Ratio. Debt service ratio is used by a bank to calculate the eligibility of loan for a borrower. To be honest, debt service ratio by banks changed a lot since the last decade. And sometimes, it’s quite hard to keep up as different banks will have [...]

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