Hey, my name is Melissa Lee and I’m here to give you a small glance into our website Every week, we put together some of the most talked about issues in the industry, to give you a glimpse into what you need to know as a house owner or as a [...]

Services That We Offer…

People often ask us. What are our services? #malaysiahousingloan Even though, we have mentioned on our website and facebook page that we provide FREE online home loan consultation. People don’t understand, What is an online home loan consultation? Is that even a thing????????? Okay, let us explain. Firstly, we want you to understand; we [...]

How can help?

What we do are provide home loan advice and essential tips before or when buying a house. When a customer comes to us, we ask them to share about their situation, and then we talk with them to explore the best advice or tips and possible solutions. "Many are not aware of their right [...]

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1. Mortgage consultant specialize in home loans and are commission based, so it’s in their best interest to get you the best deal possible, or they don’t get paid. 2. They have an exceptionally large network of panel banks and financial institutions that they work with to get you the most favorable home loan interest [...]

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