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Home… home is a physical and emotional security for your family.

Home is where you share the most cherish memories, where you live and where you sleep, where you dream of future and anticipate wonderful time to come.

When is come to select a company to refinance your existing home or finance that dream home you work so hard for.

Make sure consider whether it’s worth to engage direct lender of mortgage broker.

Banks and other direct lender will make you believe they are the answer. But, is that really true?

When buying a home, do you try to negotiate and complete the proper paper work on your own ? or you use the real estate agent?

When labour problem arise, do you try to analyze legal issue on your own? Or do you use an attorney?

Without the help of expert, the big challenges of life, can really be a blur.

When it comes for financing your home, mortgage brokers are the expert. We have access to 100 of financing outlet and never limited to the financing program bank may offer.

Unlike the banks or direct lender, mortgage broker have direct responsible to you and ability to represent you and your need to countless financial institution across the country.

Mortgage Broker interest rates is lower, since they deal on wholesale level. As smaller institution, their staff is more responsible to your need.

We all know, financing is about selection. The more choices you have, the lower rates you get.

As a mortgage broker, we make lender compete for your loan.

As at we have access to 100 of different home loans. We have broad aspect of financing home loans. We do a huge cross section of loans. From mortgages literally with no down payment to loans that meet the need of credit challenge consumer.

Shop loan, house loan loan or hard to find commercial loan. All fall in our scope of services.

If you like most consumer, you probably think your home is single largest purchase your ever make. But, its not. Your MORTGAGES.

Do you realize as little as half of percent different in your loans can cause you thousand of ringgit of your life of loan.

Imagine what you can do with all those money?

That’s the financial edge that mortgage broker can give you.

A great realtor, help you shift to personal requirement, organize your thoughts and negotiate your deal.

They are valuable to you during frustrating time that can pop out during acquisition of your new home. They look out for you. Making sure you ask the right questions, about neighborhood, school systems, any potential services like police and fire. Your real estate agent will make sure you choose a house that become your family home.

Let the professional mortgage broker handle the investment side of your purchase. That’s what we do. We so confident in our ability to provide the best service in loans program for you that we will rewards you. As our way of saying thank you.

Your dream home now and for the future. Your home will provide you and your family with physical and emotional security. A place to live at your dream. It’s also can provide tremendous financial security. So, make the right choice, we bring your dream into focus.

We created this article is a way saying thank you for allow us to handle your financing needs.

I want to let you know , how important you are to us by personalizing the service commitments my company make to you.

In, we take pride by being contribute to our community.

The success we share with you come from creative designer loan program that specifically match to your own unique set up life requirement.

We understand your need and how trying the loan process can sometimes be tough whether you are pulling some cash out of your existing home or grabbing your part of dream to the purchase of the new home.

We will be there to work your turn the loan process and handle any complication that may arise. We want to be your loan consultants for life. Someone, you know will help you through all the important financial decision.

Please remember you are the cornerstone of our business. Our success is a direct result of our commitment to solve any financing need you may have.

So, we make your complete satisfaction our top priority.

On behalf of all of us, We would like to said thank you, for letting us prove to you there is a different in the market.

 For personalised home loan service, please contact us now.

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  1. pearly October 31, 2010 at 11:48 am

    If i want to buy a condo which costs around RM 650,000. How much you can borrow? And do you provide two generation package? Hope to receive your reply soon!

    • Melissa November 5, 2010 at 11:22 am

      Hi Pearly, thank you for your comment. We already PM you.

  2. Nik March 10, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    I have several ccris record with the bank, how do i get the housing loan. My contact no: TQ

    • Melissa March 10, 2011 at 5:18 pm

      Nik, I already PM you. TQ.

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