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Testimonial Emails From Our Customers



Testimonial Email



Dear David,

When I saw the website thru Google search, I was very skeptical on the truth of the advertised claim. Based on the notion of no free lunch, I was very sure that there must be a catch or some kind of smart tricks to be played on me. However, I went ahead with completing the form. As soon as I received the reply, then my faith changed and I started to become a believer, yet the skeptic is still in my mind. As we move along with the email exchanges and several phone calls, I now really become a true believer.

I really appreciate the fact that David Yap has been treated me like a person not just a customer and his honesty and sincerity are clearly shown by his effort and commitment towards providing the best services as he can possibly can. With his tips and advices, I now know a lot more about housing loans in which facts have never being shared with any bank loan officers. I really glad that I found you whom not only help me getting the best loan that suits my requirements, but also making the process a lot easier and educational. I really appreciate every step along the way getting my housing loan approved.”

Ishak,Manager-Freescale Semiconductors


“Dear David,

Thank you so much for your advice. No one I spoke to could clearly explain on the process and the possible costs I will incur. You have helped me understand the process and given me great tips when I negotiate my deals. Thank you so much! You are so kind and helpful and I truly appreciate your time and energy! And to think! It’s at no cost to me at all! Where else can you get free advice?? Thank you so much David! You are a life saver..”



“I personally thought that this website is mainly for the My 1st House Scheme which launched by the government recently. And I never give it a damn try because I do not tend to buy any property at that time plus I am not eligible for that. Now I’m getting one and encountered this website while searching for the best bank for Islamic housing loan.

Thanks to Mr. David for your call & advices & explanations. Very informative for a new buyer with few knowledge and 0 experience and much appreciated. What I could say, before you get into any agreement and if you feel helpless and do not know where to go, it’s not a waste to contact this team before you take any further action! As for me, I’m lucky as I yet to appoint any lawyer before the home loan get approved. Wanna know more??? Contact Mr. David! Haha!

I submitted my query today and the response is within few hours only! 5 star for this! 🙂 If you are yet to pick any property, it’s good to get advice from them too! It’s hard to find a good advisor that we could trust their words. Not even the agent who introduces the property to us! Hopefully this kind of service will be practiced long lasting.

InsyaALLAH I’ll make myself to give more feedbacks upon their service in the future.


Wenn,Finance Executive-Qtelmedia


“Dear Melissa & David,

My husband and I would like to say thank you for all of your great assistance in helping and guiding us for our first home financing. Both of us are very happy and satisfied on your tremendous service… I will definitely recommend more cases especially for my future purchasers….”

Thanks and regards,

Aidarina,Real Estate Negotiator- / Asia Pacific Realty


“I’m very glad that give me some suggestion whether necessary to pay any booking fees or not. This helps me to save at least RM1000! Now, I’m thinking whether to apply housing loan by using combine salary with my husband. Thank you very much David!”

Roslina Abdullah,Industrial Engineer-Freescale Semiconductor


“The suggestion is very useful and in line with the current market and it’s free. Thank you so much”

Mohd Azmi Haron,Accounts Assistant-Akad Gemilang Sdn Bhd

“Hi David,

I am glad and delighted with your wonderful free consultancy service. It is a good explanation with the solutions idea. Great service, Efficient and the best online enquiry reply I ever had. Keep it up and will do more support in the future. Thank you so much for your kind great assistance, fabulous and an outstanding service by you. Thanks again for your time and energy. Really appreciate your advice and help.


Don Nelamegam,Bar


First of all just want to say thanks to Melissa with her professional services. She is very efficient and gives me alternative solution and advice in getting my housing loan. She is very patient, helpful during handling my application. Again …I’m very appreciated and highly recommended for all home buyers.”

Mohd Zailani,Engineer-AOSB


“Thanks David for your advice and explanation. It is so meaningful for potential first time house buyer like me to make the right move.”



“I am really appreciating that really gives me a lot opinion and advice. Other than that they provide me information about to get house loan and guide me how to budget to get my first home. They are very helpful and friendly to me and most important is fast response ^-^ really thanks a lot and love their services!! Cheer ^-^”

Crirstty,Web Devleoper


“Dear Mr.David, Thanks alot for your advice & explanation. Your advice is really help me since this is my first time to buy house. Thanks ya……”

Suguna,Finance & Accounts Executive-MRCB


“Very good explanation & informative , I will do as advice, thank you.”

Fazieana,Executive-Magna Prima Berhad


“Hi, I received a called from David Yap and he explained to me clearly about how to purchase my first home and surprisingly not more than 5 minutes, I could understand everything he told me and I’m very happy that I used this service. Thumbs up!”

Rina,Shop Owner-Vigil Studio


“Really good advice from person in charge… recommended to all Malaysian. Thanks David.”


“Dear David,

You are very professional. Make everything clear and easy to understand. Good Job!”

Kelvin Chan Yik Yee,Site Supervisor-Techbuilt Sdn. Bhd.


“Dear David,

Thank you so much for you advice and guidance. Since it’s my first purchase I was a bit unclear on the process but now I have a good understanding on it with your explanation. Thank you for your support
and really appreciate it. Thumbs up!!”

Bathma,Conf. Secretary-Monier Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd


“Prompt respond within 24 hours or maybe less in my case. Great advice and friendly…Thank You!”

Emir Ramli,Tax Analyst-IBM Malaysia



Thank you very much for the prompt response regarding my housing loan enquiry. The information provided was very helpful for me in choosing the right bank & the calculation on lawyer fees has made my mind clear. Thank you. :)”



“Advices given were reliable. Detailed explanation and examples were given to let the readers have better understanding. Thank you so much.”

Sugeetha,EHS Officer-PEC


“Thanks david for your sincere advice on refinancing. It really help me to plan what to do next to apply for refinance for my third house.”

Mohd Nazril Jaafar,Project Manager-Sime Darby Property Berhad


“I appreciate the prompt reply,David. Very straight forward answer and help 1st time buyer like me to make the first step. Thank you!!”



“Very informative conversation with David and I can’t believe the consultation is free. TQ and keep in touch”

P.S. CHEE,Tutor-Home Tuition


“Very helpful in giving advice and would deffinately recomend to other people as all information is handled in P&C. @ thumbs up!!

Kevin,QC Engineer-Weidasar Sdn Bhd


“David explained the housing loan detail clearly to me and he also provided me lots of information on how to avoid some problems during buying a house. Thanks David, appreciate your help.”

Angel Phang,Sales Executive-Nuromicron (M) Sdn Bhd


“David & Melissa – Excellent service with professional approach. You have been very informative and helpful in all aspect. You both worked so consistently and provided excellent result without me having to pursue. It was a very smooth and professionally handled transaction with a happy ending. I am very happy to have met you both and will be glad to use your professional service again! Many thanks and cheers to you both.”
Mathi,IT Counsultant-IT


“I am a 1st time home buyer. I don’t have a clue where to start, who to see or what to do. What I did was make a phone call to David. He gave me a crash course and immediately we arranged for an appointment. The next things I knew, my loan was approved. The very same month I signed my S&P and wait for my house keys now. It happens so fast and I don’t need to do anything, they takes care everything. I owe David and Melissa big time! Thank you!
If you are looking for best services for home loan (which nowadays you don’t get it even if you pay for it) -Peace of mind, they provide fast service around the clock, they are the answer. Trust me on this…”
Sugumar,SR Admin-Symphony BPO Solutions


“I’m a first time buyer. Don’t know where to start. Called David and he promptly guide me with a 10 minutes crash course which enlightens me a lot. Very helpful, although I only plan to purchase my house in the next 6months. I’m sure going to contact him again when commencing the purchase!!”
Kamil,Manager-Universal Cable


“After browsing this web site, I send a text msg to David and the communication started immediately after that, it was at 8.30 pm !Thanks for the advice and info provided. I have some ideas on where to start now, many thanks and keep up good work David. Thanks.”
Aru,Sn. Engineering Consultant


“David, thanks for your advices. I get value info from

Tai Lip Shern,Optician


“I would like to thanks David Yap for giving me good advised on the interest rate for purchasing secondary market.”
Azmi Shamsuddin,Consultant


“Great Job!!! Just want to thank Melissa and David for helping us throughout the process…They are very helpful! Appreciate it… Highly Recommended! ”


“Hi David, Thank you so much for all specific details that you have explained to me. I feel very comfortable taking your advice. Especially as a first time buyer. Really appreciate it. Thanks again.”
Azma,Executive,Corporate Communications


“Thanks for the quick response from Mr.David. Your advice is really help me especially this is my first time to buy house. Thanks a lot.”
Vani,Account Executive


“David was so patient in answering my queries. His explanation reflected his experience. He sounded honest in wanting to make my dream of owning my 1st home a reality.”
Yugeshwaran Shanmugam,Global Support Executive-HSBC Data Processing Malaysia


“Hi everyone, just to share my experiences dealing with Mr.David. Previously,I had a problem in getting my housing loan due to high commitment, afraid of banks rejected my home loan and most of the bank officers said it would be rejected. However, when I web through and met up with Mr.David. He provided me a very good advice on the home loan application. Besides, he will always update me the progress and gave me constructive feedbacks. Within 2 weeks’ time, I received good news from bank with 90% approval and low interest rate that was really awesome rate which I did not expect at all. Mr.David is really a kind of person that has very furnished knowledge in this mortgage line… Very trustable person and I highly recommended for all. Don’t look for other places when you are at the right website.”
Kevin,Manager-Scicom (MSC) Bhd


“I am very happy with the service. David answer all my questions with explanation and very fast!!Thanks”

Siti Naziha,Consultant


“2 thumbs up up UP!! to efficient and professional personalised services rendered by Melissa. We are very satisfied and extremely happy throughout the otherwise would be a painful process. Thank you and continue doing the great job you are doing!”
Kolin Jamil,


“The service provided were very quick, efficient and satisfactory. I would recommend people to get their service. I’ve already passed their contact number to my family and friends . ”
Siti Maslina,R&D Executive


“Just spoke to David Yap, and I must say his knowledge on housing loans were very very impressive. He gave me alternatives solutions for housing loan approval and solve my problem. Thanks For your prompt response, David.”
Raminder Singh,SubEditor-Malay Mail


“Two thumbs up for a competent, friendly and efficient home loan service that guided us through the complexities of securing a home loan for our Malaysian home.”
Dr. Sabine Toma & Dr. Toma-Prince Court


“Have applied home loan through David’s service for 2 properties. Excellent services and fast response. Will recommend to my friends.”
Stephen Lim,Founder Of


“I sms David my query and he called me back within minutes. Extremely helpful and im very happy with the service. Highly recommended for to all future home buyers.Thanx!”


“Thanks again for your help David. I will be considering using your refinancing services in the future and I certainly will recommend you to my friends.”
Ket,Finance Executive


“Many thanks for the clarification concerning this scheme. It helps alot! “
Latha,Legal Executive


“David gave me a lengthy explanation on their services and what’s available in the market. Found it very comprehensive and helpful. Many thanks !”
Sairana,Head Of Marketing & Promotions


“Thanks for the quick response from your team. Your advice is really help me especially this is my first time to buy house. Thanks a lot for your guidance.”
Mida,Payroll Assistant-Boardroom Corporate


“I think I have been rendered with enough information and advice by Mr. David on this “my first home scheme” and thanks a lot for that.”


” I would like to express my gratitude to Mr David yap for explaining on the “my first home scheme”. I am practically new to this and he has given his time on making me understand how it works! I truly appreciate it and am looking forward to work together. I was surprised the consultation is free! Thank You again!”
Carina,Sales Executive-Prescott Hotel Klang


“I would like to recommend this useful website to all house purchaser. Thanks for your professional advice.”
Andson,Project Engineer


“I agree! David’s a true professional, dedicated to providing good customer service. Very knowledgeable and willing to help and share his advice. Appreciate it a lot! Thank you!”
ET Khor,Principal Consultant


“Hi, I’m new here and I am so happy with the professional reply via phone call. Very enlightening and informative. No hassle and very transparent in giving the good and bad news. Will continue to support this website and will recommend to all my friends and family members.”
Ms Eden Alexander


“I have just sms a query at 9.30pm to David, and he replied within 5 mins. This is great. I will definitely consult them for my property purchase, and will recommend this site to my friends!”
~ Dolly


“Hi David,Really thank you for your consultation!!The information is very helpful!!I’m sure I will recommend my friends to support you in the future if they intend to take loan. Keep it up!!:-)”


“Hi David,Thank you for your kind advice on my queries. Its really helpful and guide me to right way to purchase a house. You really spend your time explain to me. Really appreciated.Thank You once again.”


“Dear Melissa,I am writing to thank you for all your tremendous help guiding me through my recent home financing. As you know, financing a loan is a daunting task, and one that requires a great deal of trust between a bank and clients. Knowing I could depend on you to respond quickly to questions and concerns with accurate information made the process much easier. You provided sound guidance when needed and patience when I required.
My little condo is no mansion, but it’s a home I love and moving to a 35-year mortgage has provided me with the security of knowing my payments will be stable indefinitely. I can concentrate now on my other financial goals knowing that paying for our home will not become a source of stress.
In this difficult fiscal time, I understand the added difficulty of securing finance deals, and very much appreciate the experience with which you were able to accomplish the task. Thank you again and should I find myself in need of financing assistance in the future, I will not hesitate to call you.”
Best regards,
Mohd Aidil Shah,Assistant Manager-Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad


“Special thanks to the Malaysia Housing Loan representatives, Melissa and David. I’m very happy with their fast responses. They will reply you anytime anywhere even they were in cinema ;-) and will help you from start until you get the key of your dreams house. Very professional and very good consultations. Go see them first before you decide which house and which loan your want to take. Melissa and David, thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to my colleague.”
Asyran, CS Engineer-Hitachi


“Special kudos to Melissa and David, the Malaysia Housing Loan representatives who I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter in one way or another. This was a great experience from start to finish. Although my purchases hadn’t amounted to much of expenditure in the grand scheme of things, they made it easy for me to feel I had cultivated “friends’ rather than sales consultants. My husband and I have needed their home loan services to help us with a few concerns. Trust me, though we gave them so much headaches, they guided us with so much gusto, go above and beyond to answer our ‘silly’ questions and concerns!
Throughout these interactions, whether through email or telephone communication, Melissa ( has been the finest example of customer service. Her responses are quick, immediately helpful and always friendly, yet professional. If only other businesses we encounter each day could learn from you folks, the world would be full of a lot more happy customers. Next time we are fortunate enough to buy another house, we will certainly seek for their professional opinion. Thanks so much for easing our problems and understand our fears. It meant so much and we really appreciate it!”
Yusna,Principal Assistant Director-Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Tanah & Galian &
Saeed Alamoodi,Operation Director-Amoudi International


“ Thanks again for your help. I will be considering using your home loan services in the future and I certainly will recommend you to my friends.”
Renee, HR Executive – Kompakar Esystem SB


“ I just want to say a big thank you for the awesome home loan service I have received from you. Your preparation and follow up throughout have been top class. You’ve made this easy for us, thanks again. BTW, I have already recommended you to two other people, I hope they call you! “
Kenn, Software Engineer – Visualogic


“I’m very glad that I made contact with mortgage broker and that my application was managed by you. I’m also grateful for and appreciative of the effort you put into my case and the constant communication from you from start to finish. You obviously enjoy what you do and give a very clear impression that you work for the client. thanks largely to you. ”
Suki Lee , Senior Officer – UOB Bank


“I am very happy with the responses received from my mortgage broker. They are quick, responsive and reliable. They have good analytical skill in helping me to draw out which loan works best and most suitable for me by taking into consideration of my current financial grounds. With their help, I do not have to go through those hassles as they are helpful and most important is they are responsible for their actions and home loan opinions.”
Mei Wah, Account executive- SG Global
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