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Are you buying property from agent or owner?

Buying from agent :

Agent will normally show you all the property within your criteria. From budget, property type, location and property size.They will help you narrow down your option and to negotiate better price with the owner.The process will be faster when you deal with agent since they have few properties in hand for you to choose from.
Buying from Owner:

Buying property from owner can be sometimes get you a cheaper deal. Since, the owner do not need to paid commission to agent .
However, the owner only have one property in the list while the agent will have give you more option.
The most important things, either you are buying from the owner or agent, you must check the property market value. The property market value must at least the same as the property price or higher.
For example :

If the property price is RM300,000. While, the market value only RM250,000.00 . Mean, the property selling is expensive.
This will effect the bank loan as well. Since the bank will base on RM250,000 to give 90% margin of finance.
The borrower will need to put down additional down payment to the owner.

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