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Malaysia Housing Loan 2013

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So, as we all know election 2013 is done and I think so many chaoses happen here and there.

But, I know every Malaysian would like to know how this new “management team” can help to prosper Malaysia even more. I think, we just have to sit back and hope for greatness.

Back to the housing loan 2013.

We had been doing housing loan long enough and meet so many people from all level of life. We have met bank’s CEO, company’s CEO, Directors, Developer, Politician, Minister, Lawyer, Judge, Businessman, Government staff, Foreigners, Manager and lot’s more.

From the people who have low income to the people who have absolutely many millions in their bank’s account. I would say all these people share one common ground.

You know what?

They believe in property investment.

Why I said that?

Because, whether you are rich or middle income people or even low income, everyone will come to a point in life and will at least purchase or own a house.

It doesn’t matter you going to buy the house for own stay or investment. The most important is to own it now.

I still remember those days, when my dad started our life in Kuala Lumpur. He found a place for us to settle down. It is a kampung or village near Taman Melati. Those days, it’s call kampung wira jaya. We lived in a wooden house.

For you who do not know where it is…The location actually at LRT Taman Melati station. My house was there. Every time, I passing by …I miss my home.

Some of the kampong wira jaya still around to date.  We have to shift to a nearby flat house in taman melati to make way for development. The flat cost about RM25k at that time. I think in year 1987/1988. The property is a flat with 2 rooms and 1 bathroom, around 550 sft.

Now, in year 2013, the flat value at RM120k-RM130k. 5 years ago, never cross my mind or any valuers mind, a flat can cross RM100k benchmark. But, now it’s cross.

The conclusion, it doesn’t matter whether the property is low cost or high cost. If you are able to buy and own it, please do so.

Most property will appreciate.

Before buy, check out your developer background, property location, owner background and so on… It’s a hard work, but it’s worth it.

Can you imagine if you are buying condo, terrace houses or townhouse? The value will appreciate double, triple in coming 5-10 yrs or less.

I think you know, some properties in klang valley had done a tremendous job.

If you are able to buy it, just do it now.

The property price is still good and bank interest rates are low.

I started my work with banks in year 2003. Now, i’m doing this almost 10 years.

And if I’m not mistaken, the rates that we have now, will be the lowest within this 10 yrs. I can’t remember that we have lower than the bank offering now.

So, I think property is good and bank rates are good. If you are qualify, just grab the opportunity to own a house now.

We may not able to give much advice on the property location you purchase but we definitely can help you in the housing loan area.

We been know long for our expertise and we are very helpful and friendly people.  You can check out our testimonial here.

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