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Author :Melissa Lee

Gone are the good old days…

Today, we have to face and shoulder the hard facts that nationwide our sugar had increased 25 cents per kilogramme (kg), petrol and diesel increased 5 cents per litre and cooking gas (LPG)  increased 10 cents. This means all our daily necessities had increased. As we all know sugar is our required ingredient in various food preparation. It also mean, your teh tarik, cakes, cendol, satay, drinks will be affected. Definitely, prices to all these food will be increased too by the Kedai Mamak, coffee-shops and restaurants, just to name a few.

Cooking gas increase will also affect prices in major food outlets as most restaurants and hawker operators are using cooking gas to cook their food. 

I am relief that petrol was not increase tremendously like previously. 5 cents, I think is affordable and acceptable to most of us.

Two or three days ago, most banks base lending rates had increased from 6.05%  to 6.30%. When base lending rates increased, it means our housing loan installment increase as well. Rationally, our expenses will be increased too. When we receive our monthly salary, the first thing we will settle our housing loan installment or any other rentals. Then follow by food expenses. Because, we need food to survive.

Maybe now, it’s time to save and cut back some expenditure. I do believe every dark cloud has a silver lining.  

Sugar subsidy cut is a good sign. It will help to promote a healthier lifestyle. Less sugar consumption means less diabetics and less sugar related diseases and sickness.14.9% of Malaysians were diabetics and this was high compared to just 8% of the population in 1996. Even in China, only about 9% of its population suffered from diabetes. This is very serious and alarming. Therefore, everyone needs to start cutting back their sugar consumption especially food operators who also have responsibility to the public.

For petrol and diesel, maybe it’s high time everyone has to think seriously about car pooling and taking alternative transportation such as Putra LRT, Star LRT, monorail and commuter. Because, these can reduce traffic congestion and less smoke emission. Resulting in a cleaner and better environment.

The hike in base lending rates means fixed deposit (FD) rates will increase too. So, now is the time most of us can deposit our money in the banks in order to gain better interest.

From my personal view, I’m hoping that Base Lending Rates increased can influence rental increment. If rental increased is affected then it may help to lighten some of our financial burdens as investors.

However, increased rental collected by wage-earner may augment their meager monthly wage-earned. For tenant, this will be a burden to them. 

So, is it right to increase rental when installment increase? I will let all my level-headed viewers to think and decide for themselves.

Lastly, price increasing in cooking gas…. It’s hard for me to think why it is so positive to increase in our cooking gas? I think the only thing will be, to encourage people to use electric cooking hob. This may help to reduce the possibility of cooking gas exploded in our home. Eh?

Electrical appliances have their short-comings too. They may cause short-circuit and set houses on fire. In addition, electricity is more expensive than gas.

Recollecting my visit to a booth selling electric cooking hob, they had shown me some articles about how cooking gas can easily explode and it’s like a time bomb in our house. It just need to be activated and an explosion will occur.

Or maybe another reason will be, since the price of food will increase in food-outlets. The government would like to encourage home cooking. As we know the healthiest and cleanest food is cooking at home.

So, what comes next to increase? Electricity? Water?

I do believe we are strong, well balanced and level- headed Malaysian and are able to survive and come out of it.

With the various subsidies cut enforcement on-slaught, we have to be frugal and learn to tighten our belts accordingly. Hopefully, with wise adjustments and correct steps taken by our administration, we as “ One Malaysia” would not like to see our beloved fellow “Rakyat” suffer untold miseries and hardship.

In conclusion, we would not want to be the next Greece.

Malaysia Boleh !

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