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Malaysia Budget 2014 – Education Sector

 Budget 2014


25th October 2013

Part – 2

Hi Everyone,

Our Prime Minister continue his Budget 2014 announcement with a little sweet goodies.

It is a good news to the Education Sector. All school students to continue receiving RM100 aid and RM250 book voucher!

Is this good ? It’s not good, it’s GREAT right?

Thumbs up to our Prime Minister ^.^

It is good to have a leader that supporting the education sector today, because the children now will be our next generation leader.

We do not one any child today to be left out and we are feeling great that our PM give out this goodies! AWESOME.

By government continue giving RM100 in schooling assistance to all primary and secondary school students, totalling about 5.4million students, this make 5.4million smile to their faces 🙂 including ours.

The most surprising note, this is the third year the government is giving such aid to help ease the financial burden of parents with their children’s schooling expenses, especially when school reopen for the new session.

PM added, “ I understand some parents have donated the schooling assistance to the Parent-Teachers Association( PIBG). The government appreciates the kind gestures.”

At the same time, Datuk Seri Najib said the government would also continue with the 1Malaysia Book Voucher Programme valued at RM250 to each students in pre-university and institutions of higher learning education to help them with the purchase of books and reference materials.

The 1Malaysia Book Voucher was introduced during 2012 budget.

“The initiatives is expected to benefit 1.3millio students involving an allocating of RM325million,” he added.

Keep Reading, more updates soon !

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