Hey, my name is Melissa Lee and I’m here to give you a small glance into our website Every week, we put together some of the most talked about issues in the industry, to give you a glimpse into what you need to know as a house owner or as a [...]

Where can I check my home loan lock-in period?

Are you paying RM15,000 penalty fees for your home loan? Hey guys, I'm Melissa. I'm from Every day we received a lot of questions regarding housing loan. We think is a good idea to share those question on a series in the short video like this. So, today question is. Where [...]

Budget 2017 : 5 Important Highlights For Housing Sector ( You don’t want to miss this! )

1. Build around 10,000 houses in urban areas for rental to eligible youths with permanent jobs, including young graduates entering labor market for a maximum period of 5 years. 2.The rate of stamp duty on property transfers worth more than RM1 million, will be increased from 3% to 4% but effective only [...]

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How To Get Your CCRIS Report

How To Get Your CCRIS Report? We can’t emphasis enough how important it is to maintain a healthy financial background and to make sure your CCRIS Report is update regularly and promptly too. It is so important that its actually stand 50% of the approval evaluation process. And if you have bad CCRIS Report, [...]

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